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Author & Philosopher

In addition to his music, Clay Boland Jr. has been a professor, published author, and avid life learner.


Live The World You Want
A Handbook For Students of Life

This is a book that grew out of a poem.

The poem had developed from an extemporaneous speech at one of Colorado Mountain College's graduation ceremonies when I was honored as Teacher of the Year. Within a few days of graduation I was asked for copies of the speech. Having none, I turned the main idea of the speech into a poem which became popular as refrigerator philosophy.

Over time, the poem grew in my mind and finally became a book, a book based on a lifetime of observation, thought, and study. The major focus of Live The World You Want is that the individuals we remember and glorify or vilify are not the only humans who make a difference in the course of our world. Each individual makes a difference. And since anonymous individuals far outnumber the famous and infamous, they make a much larger difference than they realize.

The Poem


If you want people to be loving, be loving
If you want people to be understanding, be understanding
If you want people to invest themselves in relationships
And make an effort to make them work, invest yourself

If you want a world in which people are less greedy, share
If you want a world with less war, be more at peace with yourself and others
If you want a world in which more people contribute, give
If you want a better world, be a better person. 

Even if others do otherwise, you can know 
That you are doing what you can do
To make the world a bit better rather than worse
For the world is simply you and I multiplied, and multiplied,
Throughout time and is no better or worse than you and I make it.



A fond pastime of Clay's was to publish his personal philosophy and politics to his blog.

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